Swag Bride

Have you heard about a bride with Swag?

New fun Photo Ideas every bride should try at her Wedding.

There has to be pictures capturing the Swaggy Bride.



SHADES N BOOTS showing that swaggy attitude adds a touch of modern bride.

Glasses,drinks ,rides,sneakers and what not,the indian bride can be found in different swaggy avatars.

Say Hello to the coy-no longer Indian bride who is all set to break the rules,have fun,make a grand entry at her own wedding & ensure that she grabs more than just a few eyeballs.


So how does one define the bride with swag or the ‘bindaas Bride’.

For one she is genuinely cool, inside out

&loves to have fun.To her,getting married isn’t just about rituals and “sharmaana”,it should also be an open celebration about her new journey ahead as well about the person that she is.

Yes,she’s open to trying new ideas  & her wedding is filled with lots of sound,laughter,colour and pomp.

So what if you promised ur mom that you would wear her favourite Pink Punjaban Lehnga to your wedding.


You can team it up with a modern hairstyle,wear coloured bling eyeshadow,sneakers/boots & finish the look by putting on your favourite aviators.


Indian brides with swag are also moving away from traditional colours of red & pink to very non traditional colours like purple,ivory or embroidered black.

Sounds interesting to you?

so share your fun photo ideas every bride should try at her wedding.

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